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Our Custom Hemp Jewlry are hand made to your specifications.
- Each piece comes with the basic natural hemp color as the base and one other color of your Choice. Please see the color chart for all colors.
- You pick the lenght!
- You also pick the knotting style which including the following: Basic Box, Spiral, Wave, Ripple, SwitchBack and, Open Square. (examples for each coming soon!)
- You can also pick one of our Hand-Blow Glass or Stone beads to be placed in the center (necklaces, braclets, anklets) or at the end (keychains). You can send us one of your own. We call this the middle bead.
- Our Bead Selections are constantly changing as we get new beads and old ones are sold, so check back often for new choices.
- Additions beads can be attached along the piece, again you can pick for our selection or send us your own.
- We also offer differnt options for the way the piece is held on. We offer the basic matching bead closure (necklace, anklet, braclet), the button cloure where we place a neat button on the end(necklace, braclet, anklet) or you can have a ciggarette/cigar roach clip on the end (Braclet, necklace, anklet, keychain). You can also put a key ring on the end to double as a keychain (Braclets, anklets).

Remeber if don't see exactly what you like please email us (danceofmisery @ we can probably make you anything you want!!

*Please note: Prices will vary piece to piece. The more you add on the higher the price.
~ Examples of my work can be found in the Hand-made Hemp Jewlry Section! ~

Out Color Chart can be found by cliking this link: Color Chart

Our Selection of Middle beads can be found by cliking this link: Middle Glass Beads
and this link: Middle Stone Beads

Additional Beads can be found here: Additional Beads
Here: Additional Beads 2

Our selection of Buttons for the closure can be found here: Buttons

Also our Keyrings and Clips can be seen here: KeyRings and Clips

Please Copy and paste the following into an email, Fill it out and then send it to: Danceofmisery at (Remeber to turn the at into a @ and remove the spaces!!)
~ If you are confused on how to order or have any question please Email Us!!!! ~

* = you must include this info
Write None if you don't want something.
Writing Sending my own Bead(s), If you intend to send your own bead(s).
Please also remember to remove anything in the ( ) before sending.

*Style: (Braclet, Anklet, Necklace, KeyChain)
*Hemp Color:
*Knotting Style: (Basic Box / Spiral / Braid / Wave / Ripple / Switchback / Open Box)
Middle Bead: (This is the beads that will hang in the middle. Pictures Here and Here . Please put the number)
Additions Beads: (these beads will be the beads strung along the lenght of the necklace, Can be seen Here and Here.)
Extras: (Key Ring / Clip or Buttons. Buttons can be seen Buttons. KeyChains include a keyring no matter what.)
Additional Info:

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