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Closet Junkies
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Welcome To
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Your one-stop-shopping place for all you Shopping Junkies!

Brought to you By
Miss Steph O'Cide
[The DopeStar Extrodonaire]

ClosetJunkies was created as a way for me to sell items I no longer want for differnt reasons, but feel others would be interested in. I am a college student living in Philadelphia, and any of you who have gone off to college or moved into a big city know its HARD and EXPENSIVE to try and make it on your own! All money made here is used as some extra support, as I just make enough to live.
So when buying something remember you're really helping me out and getting some great items in return!!! Thanks to everyone who has purchased from ClosestJunkies over the years!!

If you love me, but don't see anything here you can always help me out with a donation!
**If you donate ANY amount of money and email me with the amount you donated and your address you will recive something special in the mail!**

Most of the stuff here is gently used clothing/goods, though you will find some new items.
I will try to describe the items to the best of my ablity and if you have any questions about an item your interested in please feel free to contact me. I do my best to keep all my customers happy!

- All Items are sold on a frist come frist serve basis, unless otherwise noted. I do not save items for specific people.

- All Payment must be in $$USD$$ no forigen currency accepted, your money will be returned if it in not USD.

- Feel free to try and haggle me down! I really need cash and am willing to lower the price to sell things quicker.

- YES I will consider trades! Let me know what you're interested in and if I see something in your store I like maybe we can work something out!!

- I perfer PAYPAL but will also accept well conceal cash(AYOR),or money orders.

- Please follow all the instructions for buying listed below.

- No Returns! Please make sure you read the description carefuly, If you need measurments please ask for them, I will give them to you! I am not responsible for clothing that does not fit.

- No DEADBEATS please! I'm not here to play around, I expect you to respond to the emails with-in reasonable time, and If you email with an order I expect you to go through with paying for it. If you flak on me I will let others know you're a deadbeat and you will be banned from shopping at ClosetJunkies FOREVER!!!

To Buy Something:
This is generaly how the process of buying something from me goes, and what I expect when you email me with an order. In our emails I will let you know what I need next as every order isn't going to be the same.
1. Figure out what you want and Email me (danceofmisery at hotmail dot come) // or leave a message here with:
The name of the Item(s),
Size(if there more then one),
Color (if there is more the one), and
Your zip code (so I can calculate shipping).

2. I will email you back // leave a comment with the total price including shipping and my paypal ID or other instructions if you arange to pay in a differnt form then paypal.

3. You then need to send payment. Payment is expected in 5 days for paypal and 7 days for other methods, unless you pre-arrange something differnt with me. Please Send a email that lets me know you have sent payment so I can look out for it and an address to which you would like you item shipped.

4. Once payment is recived I will email you to let you know I have gotten your payment and when your package will be sent which is normally ASAP! **I ship about every other day, But

I ship using the USPS Priority! Which means you package will be there normally about two days after it is shipped! If you want insurance on your package please let me know it will be a little extra, I strongly encurage for you to get insurance as I am not responsible for items lost or damaged in the mail. If you need your package ASAP It can be shipped overnight or 2nd day at an extra charge. Shipping will vary Item to Item. I will combined shipping on multipule items. Shipping is now done about everyother day. Special arrangements can be made if for any reason you do not like the way I ship - though depending on the requestions it may be an additional charge.
International Shipping: I am located in the USA, but I DO SHIP INTERNATIONAL! International shipping is done with a flat rate box, so it is not weight dependant. Each box is $9 shipped and will be shipped to any country in the world. Most Items in the store will fit in the box, though if multipule items are bought more boxes may be used - So I still request you ask for the total price with shipping included.

I am NOT responsible for items lost or damaged in the mail!!!

For Orders and Questions: Danceofmisery@hotmail.com
(Please Put Lj store or ClosetJunkies along with whether it is a Order or a Question in the subject.)